3 Main Reasons Why Horse Riding is a Great Means of Recreation

horse riding 400x280 - 3 Main Reasons Why Horse Riding is a Great Means of Recreation

Horseback riding has been around for as long as there are men and horses. These magnificent animals have served people in battles, in farming land, and as a means of transportation, and some still do. As times have changed, so has the purpose of horses which has evolved into a beautiful activity — equestrianism. Equestrianism, or horse riding, refers to the skill and sport of riding a horse that is quickly gaining popularity among people. 

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to learn how to ride a horse. To some people, it is a nice way to spend the day, similar to how to the people playing lotto games online, spending time on lotto-bonus-code.com is a fun way to enjoy a day. However, most of the time, it is the love for this animal and the respect for its long service to the human race that intrigue people into getting familiar with this fantastic activity. However, all would agree that the feeling of might and power while galloping across open fields is not just the thing of Hollywood movies, but also a real-life possibility and one of the benefits of horse riding. 

In this article, we shall focus more on those benefits of horse riding and why you should consider it a means of recreation. Read on! 

Physical Health Improves

horse riding recreation leisure 300x239 - 3 Main Reasons Why Horse Riding is a Great Means of RecreationAlthough recreational, horse riding can be a challenging activity. It is demanding and can help you stay in shape as it burns a lot of calories along the way, starting from grooming and preparing a horse for riding. The confirmation for this claim came in the form of a study commissioned by British Horse Society and done by the University of Brighton and Plumpton College. The research shows that it is a moderate-intensity exercise that improves reflexes, coordination and a sense of balance, among other things. 

Also, riding a horse implies constant adjustments and the work of mostly pelvic muscles, combined with quadriceps and hamstrings. A good riding posture requires action from the muscles around the spine and will lead to improved joint mobility as well. 

Psychological Benefits

When you consider how big horses are, mastering such a large animal is excellent for a person’s self-esteem. Conquering everyday challenges on the track and getting a horse to do your bidding will help you instill the confidence you need and give an incredible feeling of being in control. Also, it takes time to learn how to ride proficiently, so you will learn how to be patient and work tirelessly towards achieving your goals. Furthermore, learning how to ride demands taking care of the animal, such as grooming or feeding, so you can also develop a greater sense of responsibility and the importance of care.  

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Sociological Benefits 

When you spend time around horses, you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can build everlasting friendships. Also, you will be spending more time in nature and appreciate its beauty in a good company of horses and fellow riders, so that feeling of camaraderie and belonging will disperse any feelings of shyness or insecurity and help you develop into a stronger and more open individual.