Can Playing Video Games Be Considered a Hobby?

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First of all, it is essential to define and answer the ultimate question concerning hobbies — ‘What is a hobby?’. One definition says that a hobby is an activity done on a regular basis with pleasure. Many people think that the term hobby is narrowed down to playing sports or instruments. These two are, indeed, the most common answers when someone is asked about their hobby. However, when thinking about it a bit more and considering the definition, we realise that almost anything can be a hobby.

There are so many different activities that could be considered a hobby, from collecting objects, taking photos with analog cameras, playing games online, or having fun online with a Betfair Sign up Offer code, to engaging in artistic and creative pursuits.

How Playing Games Can Be Considered a Hobby?

Just like any other fun activity you can do to relax and enjoy yourself, gaming is what millions of people from all over the world opt for. One thing that gets overlooked almost every time people talk about playing video games is their variety. If you, for example, enjoy playing sports, there are a couple of them you can play regularly, such as football or basketball. However, if you want to play some other sports, the playing fields and equipment needed for these sports are usually not available to the vast majority of people.

Xbox game controller 300x225 - Can Playing Video Games Be Considered a Hobby?This is where gaming differs from any other activity. There are literally millions of different and unique video games you could play. The great thing is that some of the games take years to master and get better at it, which is why it’s almost impossible to get bored from trying to do so. Even if one game becomes boring, there are probably dozens of alternatives which have the elements of the original game, but with unique gameplay mechanics, for example.

If you truly enjoy gaming, either on your own or with your friends, you can definitely call it a hobby.

What Gives Gaming A Bad Name?

Not everything is bright and shiny with gaming, as we’re presenting it to you today. Just like anything else, it could take over your life and the gaming addiction everyone is talking about definitely exists. Playing games is something that should be done in one’s free time, without having to postpone important things in life because of it.

video game 200x300 - Can Playing Video Games Be Considered a Hobby?Moreover, a few years ago, no one was actually talking about the Esports scene. Gaming could become an Olympic sport in the near future, or at least have its own Olympics. We hear about turning a hobby into a job so often, but only recently have people realised how much potential there is in gaming. Live streaming, posting Youtube videos, and playing games professionally are serious career paths that some kids nowadays pursue.

Parents often complain about their kids spending too much time in front of the computer when, in reality, kids are more aware of the world and the society we live in than any of us were back in the days. Basketball and football players are getting scholarships that allow them to focus on their favourite sport while still obtaining higher education, and the universities and colleges from all over the world had only recently begun offering the same for ambitious and talented gamers.