The Connection Between Las Vegas and Skiing

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You might think that the gambling city in the middle of the desert wouldn’t have anything to offer in terms of snowy winter activities, except a MrPlay Bonus Code online, but the connection between Las Vegas and skiing is real. We’ve seen unorthodox skiing locations before, like the indoor ski resort in Dubai, for example, but this is not the subject of our story, as Las Vegas doesn’t have anything similar to that.

Instead, we are going to talk about Las Vegas as an ideal base for your ski trip and a way to have some fun while still being close to some of the most popular snowy destinations in the US. 

Ski Resorts Which Are Close to Las Vegas

postimage The Connection Between Las Vegas and Skiing Ski Resorts Which Are Close to Las Vegas - The Connection Between Las Vegas and Skiing

Las Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada where temperatures rarely go close to zero even in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, due to its unique geographical location, Las Vegas is reasonably close to a lot of mountains, especially in the neighbouring state of Utah.

The closest ski resort, however, is just nine miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. The location is called Lee Canyon, and while it might not be the most well-known resort in the US, it’s still only a short driving distance away from the city. The resort offers 40 skiable acres with 11 trails and four lifts. The vertical drop is close to 270 metres.

If you wish to go to something a bit bigger and snowier, you can do so in just 330 kilometres. This is a short enough distance which makes it quite convenient for a day trip since you can make it back to Vegas before midnight on the same day. The Brian Head Ski Area in Utah is much bigger than Lee Canyon, covering 650 acres. There are over 60 trails to discover, and the vertical drop is 520 metres.

Around 340 kilometres in the opposite direction, you will find the beautiful Bear Mountain Resorts near Big Bear Lake in California. With two different resorts on offer, the place is ideal for both skiers and snowboarders alike. There are 438 acres of skiable area, and you can choose between 55 different trails.

Other ski resorts which are in the driving distance include Eagle Point Ski Area (392 km) and Park City Ski Resort 404 (682 km) in Utah, as well as the Mammoth Mountain in California (502 km).

Why Vegas?

postimage The Connection Between Las Vegas and Skiing Ski Resorts Why Vegas - The Connection Between Las Vegas and Skiing

You might be wondering why you should choose Las Vegas to be your base for a skiing trip. Well, the answer is simple. Because it’s Vegas!

Sometimes, the nights at ski resorts can be boring and uneventful, while the ‘Sin City’ is one of the best places to have fun and even win some money if you’re lucky. Casinos are not the only places for entertainment here — the city often hosts various concerts, sporting events, and circus shows. Accommodation doesn’t have to be expensive either, as there are plenty of affordable hotels that would cost you less than those at the ski resort.

Spending a day at one of the nearby ski resorts will still leave you enough time to get back to the city in the evening and make your trip worth remembering. The best thing about Vegas is that it never sleeps, so you will be able to have fun even if you happen to be back in the wee hours.

So, pack your skis, but don’t forget to bring your sandals, too. Las Vegas is the best place where you can combine the desert and the mountain.