A Sport by Definition? Pros and Cons of Recreational Hunting

featuredimage A Sport by Definition Pros and Cons of Recreational Hunting 400x280 - A Sport by Definition? Pros and Cons of Recreational Hunting

Hunting has been closely linked to humankind for thousands of years. Our ancestors hunted in order to gather enough food and protect their families from wild animals. The situation is quite different nowadays, as with the development of food industries, hunting has been turned into a mostly recreational activity. People who hunt recreationally are often the main target of animal […]

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Exercise Addiction

featuredimage Exercise Addiction 400x280 - Exercise Addiction

Exercising is undoubtedly good for you. Not only does it keep your body in shape, but it also has a positive effect on your mental health since it improves your self-esteem and simply makes you feel good because knowing that you’re working on improving or maintaining your figure causes your brain to release endorphins. However, unless done moderately, even the […]

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What Is Sand Yachting?

featuredimage What Is Sand Yachting 400x280 - What Is Sand Yachting?

We all know what yachts are, and some of us have probably even been on one. Yachts usually belong in the water, but people have also come up with different ways of ‘sailing’ on land. Sand yachting, which is also known as land sailing or dirtboating, is an activity characterised by the movement of a land vehicle which is powered […]

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